Comper Smart Fertility Tracker Is A Blessing To Expanding Families

Despite how populated the world is, it is not easy to make lives at all. For some couples, it may take months to
years for a successful pregnancy due to various reasons. Comper Smart Fertility Tracker combines all the best
technology to help woman understand her ovulation cycle for better success at pregnancy.

The Tracker is designed to be small, efficient, and accurate. It is basically a basal body temperature thermometer and uses the data it receives to calculate a woman’s ovulation cycle. With its amazing technology both software and hardware, women can track and manage their reproductive health easier than ever.

It comes in a convenient charging box that doubles as a UV disinfecting device. The tracker itself is wrapped in
silicone rubber with a detector at the end. It is connected to your phone’s app so it only needs 1 minute to
generate a reading.

Because of its impressive algorithm, the tracker can provide stable reading using its 3 salient points on the extra
layer. No slippage or moving of the tongue during measurement will affect the readings. Tracking your
reproductive has never been easier without going to the gynecologist every week.

You can keep using the tracker alone as it can store up to 64 readings. Then, it automatically syncs with your
phone when you open the companion Comper Woman App. Therefore, you don’t need to use both together. Just
use Comper throughout the day to get a more detailed reading without troubling yourself over the phone

Since you need to put the sensor in your mouth, would it be unhygienic? They thought of that and designed the
storage box with a UV light disinfection system. It activates whenever the device returns to the box. It kills almost
all bacteria and virus not immune to UV light. You can still wash it in water because the tracker is water resistant.
All is done to a medical grade safety so you can use it without worrying.

Comper Smart Fertility Tracker is easy to bring around for easy intake of data. This tiny gadget is more than just
a body temperature thermometer, it tells women when they are most easily fertilized for those who wish to
become parents. For them, this tracker can be a blessing. Get this gift today for you or friends and family on its
official Kickstarter page, it only costs USD76 per one! Ready to be shipped in December, it can be a thoughtful
and much-needed gift.

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Video Credit: Comper Healthcare

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